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Latest nasal spray is launched by Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma has introduced the latest nasal spray under the brand name Latitude. The product was launched at the CPHI-ICSE international held at Paris early this month.

This novel side-actuated nasal spray has bagged several international patents. The results of the latest acceptance studies held in the UK and the US were also presented at the exhibition. Both patients and doctors confirm the advantages of Latitude in ergonomics and hygiene which provide this spray device with optimized handling characteristics for easier nasal spray drug delivery

The company has already carried out a series of investigations and acceptance studies with healthcare professionals to determine nasal spray user expectations and preferences before starting development of its side-actuated device. The research highlighted a need for improved ergonomics, as well as a better grip and a lower actuation force to make drug delivery more comfortable and safer, according to the information from its officials.

Aptar Pharma carried out new research in the UK in November 2009 and in the US in May 2010 involving regular nasal spray users as well as doctors which include general practitioners and ENT specialists. The results confirmed that Latitude met expectations perfectly and had the support of both patients and prescribers.

The results of the research clearly identified the major advantages of Latitude which not only has excellent ergonomics providing intuitive and constant handling characteristics. It requires only minimum effort to depress the actuator completely and letting the patient know that a full drug dose has been delivered. The results also confirm that the device is easy to use by everyone, both in patient self-administration and in third party drug administration, especially for pediatric use.

Aptargroup is headquartered in the US and has manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.


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